Solar controllers PROMATIC® SGC

PROMATIC® SGC are a modern and powerful controllers designed for demanding hydraulic systems. They control the speed of solar circulation pump and keeps constant temperature difference between solar panels and d. h. w. storage tank. This way the maximum efficiency of solar system can be achieved. SGC solar controllers are performing also a variety of other control and logic functions to ensure an effective operation of many hydraulic systems with solar panels and other energy sources.  

Effectiveness and universality of SGC controller is achieved with a built-in 0 - 10 V and PWM control of the solar high-efficiency circulation pump and the possibility to select between many different pre-set hydraulic schemes. For hydraulic schemes with two storage tanks, different loading strategies are available for optimal usage of the solar energy. The unused output can be freely programmed.

Integrated solution Seltron simplicity adds a unique and easy note to the controller at start up and use. The multi-language support, simulation of the temperature sensors, graphical presentation of measured temperatures and gained energy offers to user even greater comfort and oversight of the solar system. Large illuminated graphical display allows a clear demonstration of the system operation and all other data.



  • Control of up to 65 different hydraulic schemes (depends on model). 
  • Control up to two heating sources.
  • Measurement and display of gained energy. 
  • Support for electronic pumps (ErP).
  • Remote control via SeltronHome platform.
  • Overheating and frost protection.


Usual applications / hydraulic schemes

Solar collectors, d. h. w. storage tank.

Solar collectors, d. h. w. storage tank,
backup heating with electric heater.

Solar collectors, d. h. w. storage tank, solid fuel boiler.

Solar collectors, two d. h. w. storage tanks - switchover.

Solar collectors, d. h. w. storage tank, liquid fuel boiler.

Solar collectors, d. h. w. storage tank.

Solid fuel boiler, return pipe temperature control.

Solid fuel boiler, heat accumulator / 
d. h. w. storage tank - switchover, solar collectors.


How does a solar controller works?

Solar controller works by comparing the temperature of the water in the water heater with a pre-set desired/wanted temperature. If the temperature is lower, the controller activates the pump, installed between the water heater and the heat source. When the temperature in the tank reaches the desired value, the controller switches the pump off. Solar controllers are used to regulate the heating of domestic hot water, pool water and heat storage tanks. As an energy source we can select a solar system, oil boiler, gas, solid fuel or other heating source. You can also decide for a combination of these mentioned sources.


Connection of a High-Efficiency pump with an external control signal

The SGC controller enables the regulation of high-efficiency pump rotation with PWM external control signal or 0÷10 V. This type of rotation regulation is activated by setting the parameter S3.1=2 on 4 for bypass pump R2 and R3. After the pump is connected, you have to set the parameters S3.1 to S3.6 for the R2 pump and parameter S3.7 to S3.12 for the R3 pump.




Connecting the electronic flow meter VFS (VORTEX FLOW SENSOR)*

Flowmeter is installed in the return pipe of the solar system. Electrical connection to the controller is carried out by using a cable that comes with the flow meter. When installing the flow meter, please follow the instructions. After flow meter instalment you have to set operation parameters in the function parameters W.

*Works only with SGC36HV and SGC67HV.





Milan Kren
Wednesday, May 27, 2015