When do we need a temperature protection of the boiler's return pipe?

When using wood biomass boilers, especially firewood boilers, which are operating with constant power, it is required that a heat storage tank is installed in a heating system. A heat storage tank has two key tasks:

  • Assume the surplus of heat energy from the boiler,
  • Returns the accumulated heat and allows continuous heating even when the boiler is not in operation.

By the connection between boiler and storage tank we must install a controller, for the protection of the minimum temperature of the boiler's return pipe. Controller for the minimum return temperature of the boiler is necessary for two reasons:

  • Prevents the formation of  harmful condensation in boiler, due to low return temperature,
  • Provides the necessary operating temperature of the boiler and with-it the proper functioning of the heating system and filling of the tank.


How was the temperature protection of the boiler's return pipe managed in the past? 

For the control of the boiler’s return pipe and storage tank filling we normally in the past used a thermostatic control valve. The drawbacks of such a solution reflect in relatively inaccurate temperature control. The temperature value can’t be changed or adjusted to different requirements of the boilers. One of the disadvantages is also that such an implementation doesn’t solve the control of the circulation pump.


What is the new approach to the temperature protection of the boiler's return pipe?

We solve this problem when we use a constant temperature controller PROMATIC® ACC or SCC. Constant temperature controllers enable adjustment of wanted temperature of the return pipe, selection of different operating modes, various signalisation and display of the current measured values.

We recommend you the Seltron's constant temperature controllers PROMATIC® ACC in PROMATIC® SCC.


Milan Kren
Tuesday, April 14, 2015