About the company

In 1990, we made a commitment to help people save energy for heating their homes and thus help preserve the environment. 

 Today, we combine our own experience with modern technologies, building a stable and modern technology company and ensuring quality in-house development and production of a wide range of sophisticated products.

Setting up a company

After several years as a craftsman, in 1991 the owners of the company decided to set up Seltron. They saw opportunities for development in the segment of time relays, differential controllers and heating controllers. All these programmes developed steadily for a certain period, after which the company management decided to intensify the development of heating controllers and motor drives.


The first heating controller

In 1991, we developed and started selling the first ENCO digital heating controller - DIGIT. The controller controlled two heating circuits and domestic hot water production. Its ENCO - DIGIT 12+ C version allowed the control of one heating circuit, a solar system and domestic hot water. The ENCO - DIGIT controller became the basis for the development of later simpler controllers.


First generation of products

In 1992, we were able to offer the market solutions in the form of room thermostats, boiler controllers, differential controllers, weather-controlled heating controllers and mixing valve motors.


Breaking into foreign markets and reforming regulators

The penetration of our products in foreign markets, especially Germany, has led to the need to renew our existing programme. The controllers have been given a new, more modern design and additional functionalities. The programme was completed with the first weather-controlled heating controller, with the possibility of direct mounting on the mixing valve.


Redesign of motor drives and first touchscreen controller

Existing motors have been redesigned to allow them to be fitted to a wide range of mixing and ball valves by extending the ports. We have also developed the first weather-controlled controller with touch screen and mixing valve mounting.


Fourth generation products

The existing range has been supplemented with weather-controlled heating controllers in the WXD Euro housing and the modern KXD and KUD boiler controllers for liquid fuel or biomass boilers, with the possibility of controlling one heating circuit.


Developing the fifth generation of products

The main features of the fifth generation are the intensive development of controllers with direct mounting on the mixing valve and modern remote control via smartphones, tablets and computers.


Quality policy

Quality and reliability

All our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and perform optimally.

User comfort

We put user comfort first. We pay great attention to ensuring that our products make it easy to access your heating or cooling system and adapt it to your current needs and requirements.

Reducing energy consumption

Caring for the environment is one of our values, so we make every effort to ensure that our products are energy efficient. Efficient energy consumption ensures savings in heating or cooling, which reduces costs for users while protecting the environment.

Professionalism and upskilling

The foundation of our company is the knowledge and experience we have gained over many years. We put professionalism first, as it is a prerequisite for efficient production and the quality of the end products. We are also happy to share our experience and know-how with our partners through consultancy and joint product development.

Innovation and efficiency

We keep abreast of developments in modern technology and integrate them into development and production. We strive to develop innovative solutions in response to the requirements of modern heating or cooling systems and advanced users.

Comprehensive customer support

We provide comprehensive support in the areas of advice, purchase and servicing. We help shops or retail chains, installers and end customers to choose the right solutions, provide training and technical support for any additional questions. We believe that comprehensive support and good communication with our customers is the key to a successful business.


Seltron d.o.o


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Hertiš Marijan, Director


Telephone: +386 (0)2 671 96 00
Email: sales@seltron.eu

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Registration number: 5347297000

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