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Our development path

  • Year 1991


    Establishment of the company

    Based on a few years of craft activity, Seltron was founded in 1991. Development opportunities were identified in the segment of time relays, solar controllers and heating controllers.

  • Year 1991


    The first heating controller was far ahead of similar ones on the market

    In 1991, we developed and started selling our first digital heating controller ENCO – DIGIT. The controller was able to control two heating circuits and domestic hot water preparation. The ENCO – DIGIT 12+ C version enabled the control of one heating circuit, solar system and preparation of hot sanitary water. The ENCO – DIGIT controller became the basis for the development of later simpler controllers.

  • Year 1992


    First generation of product line

    In 1992, we were able to offer wide range of solutions to the market in the form of room thermostats, boiler controllers, solar controllers, weather-controlled heating controllers and motors for mixing valves.

  • Year 2001


    Penetration to foreign markets and new generation of products

    With the penetration of our products into foreign markets, especially German, we had to renovate the existing program. The controllers have been given a new, more modern design and additional functionalities. The program was supplemented with the first weather-controlled heating controller, with the possibility of direct mounting on the mixing valve.

  • Years 2007-2008


    Renovation of actuators and first touch screen controller

    We renovated the existing actuators and, by adding accessories, enabled them to be mounted on a number of mixing and ball valves. We have also developed the first weather-controlled controller with touch screen.

  • Year 2010


    Third generation of products

    Renovation of the existing controller Termatik A1 into a modern weather compensated WDC controller and renovation of the existing differential controllers into a modern SGC solar controller.

  • Year 2011


    Relocation of the company to a new location

    In 2010, we invested in the purchase of an industrial complex with size of 5000m2. After renovation and adjustments according to the needs of the company, we moved in 2011 new facilities. The new premises enabled us to have significantly better working conditions and further development of the company. We named the entire complex “Center for Economical Heating”.

  • Year 2013


    Fourth generation of products

    Existing program of products we supplemented with new weather compensated controllers in the EURO module housing WXD and modern boiler controller for oil and wood KXD and KUD, with the possibility of controlling the boiler and one heating circuit.

  • Year 2015


    We have obtained a certificate of excellence

    In addition to intensive product development, we have also been intensively developing production and business processes. In 2015, we obtained the ISO 9001 certificate of excellence.

  • Year 2016


    We celebrated a quarter of a century of existence

    In this jubilee year, we have re-examined our goals and charted a further path for the company. As the first indicator of change, we renewed the corporate identity of the company.

  • Years 2017-2020


    Development of the fifth generation of products

    The main features of the fifth generation are the intensive development of controllers with direct mounting on the mixing valve and remote control via smartphones, tablets and computers.