Differential controllers
In sanitary water heating systems with classical or vacuum collectors     
In sanitary water heating systems with additional heat sources     
In storage tank heating systems with solar system and additional heat sources   
In swimming pool heating systems   
For single-stage storage tank charging  
For dual-stage storage tank charging 
No. of preset hydraulic diagrams5225365
No. of mechanical relays114
No. of solid-state relays1122
No. of temperature sensor inputs6667
No. of collector fields 1222
No. of storage tanks1233
Measurement of generated energy (kW/h)    
The possibility of measurement using impulse flow meter (l/min)    
Rotation speed control of the energy-efficient pump (PWM, 0–10V) 1 pump1 pump2 pumps2 pumps
Rotation speed control of classical pumps (RPM) 1 pump1 pump2 pumps2 pumps
Free programming option1 output2 outputs3 outputs
BUS option – SGC controller interconnections and connections with other Seltron controllers     
The possibility of USB connection to a PC     
The SeltronHome platform connectivity allowing remote control via smartphone or tablet