Zone heating controllers
 ZCE 6 BasicZCE 6 Advance
Regulating floor heating or cooling system  
Regulating wall or ceiling heating or cooling system  
Regulating convector heating or cooling system  
Regulation of 6 independent temperature zones   
Option to select the voltage for thermal actuators 24V~ or 230 V~  
By connecting of antenna, wired or wireless room units or a combination of both can be connected to the controller  
Silent control of thermal actuators with electronic relays  
Max. no. of room units66
Regulation of the circulation pump - 
Flow temperature control with mixing valve - 
The possibility of combining temperature zones into a larger and unified zone  
No. of temperature sensor inputs33
No. of digital inputs33
No. of analog outputs11
No. of outputs (zones/other outputs)6/06/4
Max. number of controllers in BUS connection66
Possibility of USB connection with PC  
Connectivity with the SeltronHome platform allowing remote control using a smartphone or tablet