When and why is the

When and why is the "Fireplace" feature used?


If the RCD room unit is installed in the same room as the fireplace, switching off of central heating can occur. That is, the fireplace can heat the room to a temperature that exceeds the set desired temperature on the room unit, and consequently, all heated area is switched off. In order to avoid the above problem, the new RCD unit has an integrated "Fireplace" function..

This function allows the impact of room temperature on the operation of the room heating control to be temporarily switched off. When the "Fireplace" function is activated, the heating control operates on the basis of outdoor temperature.

The "Fireplace" function on the RCD room unit is activated by pressing the Party button for 10 seconds. The flashing "house" symbol on the room unit display indicates that the function is active. The "Fireplace" function operates at least for the time set by the parameter S1.13. After this time, it operates for as long as the measured room temperature exceeds the set desired room temperature.

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