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At the Seltron company, we offer to OEM partners several versions of personalisation of Seltron trademark products or the development of brand new products. With our partners, we cooperate in a constructive way from the conceptual design, development, production to placement of the product on the market.

Adjustments of the range of possible functionalities

Seltron izdelki imajo širok nabor funkcionalnosti za različne ogrevalne sisteme in različne nivoje zahtevnosti uporabnikov. Pri OEM izdelkih nudimo možnost izbire med možnimi funkcionalnostmi in konfiguriranje takšnega delovanja, ki bo najbolj zanimiv za bodoče odjemalce.

Integrating Seltron Simplicity

For easy configuration and handling with the Seltron products, we developed a modern user-friendly interface which we named the Seltron Simplicity Solution. We enable our OEM partners to also use this interface for products that are tailored to their needs.

Menu icon customisation option

Regarding the specific requirements of the market and the comprehensibility of individual functions in the operation of the controller, we can specially create icons for communication between the controller and the user.

Display personalisation

To maximise distinction from the competition, the OEM clients can also choose among the various, market-accessible on-screen colours.