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Terms of sale

Terms of payment
The bill is payable in term and on manner, that was arranged next to conclusion of the contract or confirmed next to receipt of order. As the date of payment, is counted the day of arrival of buyer’s means at our transactional bank account at a commercial bank. If the purchase price is paid within 8 days from issuing of the bill, then to the buyer is confessed additional discount in height of 2 percent. In case, that the buyer does not pay the purchased money in arranged pay time period, are we justified to charge default interests. In case of unsuccessful agreement concerning settlement of claims, we will by preliminary written admonition, exact payment with lawsuit.

Protection of data
The buyer is bound with individual information’s and business secrets concerning the fulfillment of the contract to act confidentially and not hand over to third party documents, drawings, sketches or similar supplements without written consent.

The buyer is obligated for every damage, that occurred by transport next to delivery to claim back to transporter and to gain his confirmation. At the same time is the buyer obligatory to immediately notify each damage in written
shape to seller. In case of a justified claim, we will resolve this most lately in 30 days. In case, that the claim is not possible to resolve in this time period, we will notify the buyer of the new time period and the manner of solution of this
claim in written shape. The buyer is obligated to restrain the products till solution of the claim and act with them as a good owner, otherwise he is responsible for occurred damage.

Servicing of the equipment does the service SELTRON d.o.o. in time of the guarantee and outside the guarantee age. Conditions of the servicing are determined considering the type of goods.

Quality of goods
The quality of goods must suit the valid standards and norm for ndividual product or must be in accordance with individual technical demands, by which the product is made.

General terms
The sale of products and services is executed solely in accordance with these general conditions of sale. Purchase conditions of our buyers are with this excluded and they are not being accepted also in cases, when we not disapprove them explicitly. All eventual discrepancies from these general conditions for sale must be prior in written approved by our part. The general conditions for sale are a component part of pro-forma invoices, invoices, offers and contracts. All receipt orders must be in written shape and the receipt orders are valid only with our written confirmation. Also confirmations by fax or e-mail are thought as written confirmed orders. Content of our confirmation is at least valid. In case, that the buyer untermands the order is he obligated to refund all costs to the company, which occurred concerning this order till day of otice.

We reserve the right of ownership on delivered products till the entire settlement of the bill that means including with all side claims, eventual interests and costs. Only when the claim from realized delivery of products or services is in whole settled, ownership transmits on the buyer. Buyer is in time till the settlement of the bill obligatory to treat the goods as a good master. When the buyer does not pay the goods in arranged time period, he may not sell it to other buyer because of reservation of property right to complete payment. We reserve the right to property to all offered supplemental e.g. sketch, plans etc. every documentation that we sent to the buyer may not be handed over to the third person without written permission.

All delivered products have a guarantee of 24 months from sale of the device or mostly 30 months from the day of the sale of the prod
uct. The buyer is obligated to consider the instruction for use and ontage, which are attached to the product. The claim can’t be put in by ncorrect and unprofessional use or montage of the product. In these cases the guarantee stops being valid. The guarantee agreement is appointed with the contract or supplemental to the contract.

Solving of disputes
We will try to solve all disputes consensually. In case, that the disputes won’t be possible to abolish consensual, is for solving of them competent the Court of justice in Maribor. We reserve the right to change these general conditions for sale.

Delivery times
Delivery times are orientating and are not binding, unless it was written confirmed otherwise. Delivery time starts with the day of order confirmation and runs out with the day of delivery of the product or fulfillment of the service to the buyer. Delivery times can be proportionally prolonged in case of unpredictable barriers, which occurred despite our will, and they are such nature, that they had important impact on fulfillment of ligations. Beginning and the end of the barriers are we obligated to report immediately to the buyer. Based on this barriers the buyer can’t file a claim for return of damage occurred next to exceeding of delivery time. Partial deliveries are admissible. Confirmed delivery time is extended easily in case of additional change of buyers order. In case, that the buyer in frame of the delivery time isn’t capable to take over the goods or arranged service, we are justified to issue a bill for value of goods or services. At the same time we are justified to calculate the costs of storage of goods and for occurred costs issue a bill. Transition of responsibility for products applies with the day of takeover of goods, delivered form the transporter. In case, when we don’t carry the costs of transport, transmits the risk of loose and injury of goods on the buyer with handing over to the transporter, forwarder or the client personally.