AVC actuators are intended for the control of rotary mixing and ball valves.

Product range:

Signalisation of operation

The signalisation of operation with LEDs on the actuator shows the direction in which the mixing valve is moving. The user always has an overview whether the actuator is stationary or moving.

Manual mode clutch

When the button is in the position, the actuator operates automatically.
When the button is in the position, the valve position can be set with a button or the manual turning lever.

Four possible installation positions

The AVC actuator can be installed on the mixing valve in four positions (upper, lower, left, right).

Direct installation on more than 20 different valves

The actuators are available with suitable accessories, which enable direct installation to more than 20 mixing valves of different manufacturers.

For controlling mixing valves in heating or cooling systems  
Switchover between heating and cooling  
Switchover between heating and domestic hot water heating  
Switchover between various heat sources  
In solar systems  
In domestic hot water heating systems    
Controls ventilation system elements 
Various other central heating devices