AVD actuators are intended for position control of rotary mixing and ball valves. They are distinguished by robust construction and quiet operation. Innovative accessories allow for a quick installation and removal, mostly without any tools. Turning direction, additional switch activation and manual operations are indicated by means of LED lights.

Product range:

Universal 2- or 3-point operation

The universal actuator version allows a 2- or 3-point operation. Based on the electrical connection the actuator allows a 2- or 3-point control.

Manual mode clutch

Manual mode clutch of the AVD actuator can be activated by pressing the key. An activated clutch is indicated with a dimmed direction indication LED.

Quick installation

Innovative accessories and the installation system allow for a quick installation and removal of the AVD actuator to/from the ball valve, mostly without any tools.

Plug-in connector

The AVD actuator with an integrated  integrated connector for plug-in connection of the power cord. That allows for a simple cable replacement in case of damage.

Aux switch

The AVD actuator features an extra switch for switching on loads up to 5A, 230V~.
In order to configure an auxilliary switch, simply remove the manual turning button. The activation/deactivation point can be configured in any actuator position.

For controlling mixing valves in heating or cooling systems      
Switchover between heating and cooling        
Switchover between heating and domestic hot water
Switchover between various heat sources        
Various other central heating devices