ACD compact controllers are built into the actuator housing. The temperature sensors and connection cables are pre-wired in the controller, therefore the installation is quick and flawless. They are distinguished by compact design and ease of use. The controllers feature a colour graphic display.

Product range:

Manual mode clutch

The manual mode clutch of the ACD compact controller is activated by pressing the button. When the clutch is activated, the mixing valve control and, where appropriate, also the circulation pumps are switched off to save energy.

Quick installation

Innovative accessories and installation system allow for a quick installation and removal of the ACD compact controller from/to the mixing valve, mostly without any tools. There are accessories for most mixing valves available on the market.

Settings buttons

The buttons for setting the controller are located under the manual turning knob. That prevents unwanted access to controller settings.

Plug-in connectors

The ACD compact controller has a built-in connector for plug-in connection of the power cord. That allows for a simple cable replacement in case of damage.

Graphic display

A colorful graphic display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels provides detailed graphics and texts in colors.

Boiler return temperature or any other energy source temperature control  
Heating or cooling system supply temperature control  
No. of preset hydraulic schemes23
No. of solid state relays-1
No. of temperature sensor inputs12
Allowed temperature setting in the range 10÷90 °C  
Auxiliary sensor for measuring the source temperature- 
Possibility of USB connection to a PC