AHC40 is a compact weather compensated heating controller, installed in the actuator housing. It allows for a direct installation to more than 20 mixing valves of different manufacturers. The controller may also be used with the outdoor sensor, but in that case, the room unit must be used.

Product range:

Start-up wizard

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

The AHC controller is equipped with a start-up wizard, which takes you through the initial settings of the controller in 3 steps.
Step 1: language selection.
Step 2: hydraulic scheme selection.
Step 3: selection of opening direction of the mixing valve.

Setting the display orientation

The AHC controller is equipped with a 1.3” OLED display. In the controller settings, you can choose between the normal orientation of the display or the orientation of the display with a rotation of 180°.

Innovative connector system for connecting temperature sensors

The controller is supplied with sensors with various coloured connectors installed. Make the connection by simply inserting the connector into the appropriate unit on the socket. In order to prevent an incorrect connection, the plug-in locations have the same colours as the connectors.

Direct installation on more than 20 mixing valves

The controllers are available with suitable accessories, which enable direct installation to more than 20 mixing valves of different manufacturers.

Possibility of operation without the outdoor sensor

The AHC heating controller allows for the operation without the outdoor sensor. The room unit must be installed in order to assure correct functioning of the controller. The controllers receives information on the actual temperature in the room from the room unit and adapts heating based on this information.

Remote control with the help of seltronhome system

The AHC controllers may be connected to the SeltronHome platform, which allows for the heating remote control using a smartphone or tablet.
Remote control is enabled through the CLAUSIUS application for the final user and the KELVIN app for service technicians.

Typical hydraulic scheme

Independent system, mixing circuit.
Example: 360 hydraulic scheme.

The AHC controller is used in demanding room heating and cooling systems as an extension controller (it is possible to link several controllers into a complex system with a BUS connection) 
For controlling simpler heating systems with one mixing circuit 
No. of preset hydraulic schemes2
No. of room units1
No. of mechanical relays1
No. of temperature sensor inputs4
BUS option – the interconnection of AHC controllers and connection with other Seltron heating controllers 
With a separate dedicated cable, the controller can be connected to a computer 
Connectivity to the SeltronHome platform providing remote control using a smartphone or tablet