Room unit RCD2 allows for a simple and comfortable heating system operation from your workspace. It is compatible with all Seltron weather-compensated heating controllers. For a clear data display, the RCD2 room unit is equipped with a large backlit LCD display with automatic backlight adjustment according to the illumination of the room.

Product range:

Selection of the operation mode

You can easily and quickly select or change the operation mode on the room unit. By pressing a key you turn the heating on or off, start the domestic hot water heating or switch between room heating or cooling.

Change the desired daytime or nighttime temperature

You can easily change the set temperature with the +/- keys. The room unit automatically saves the changes made without any confirmation. Switch between the daytime, nighttime or domestic hot water temperature with the “Info” key. The icon shown on the display shows us which temperature is currently being changed.


Party function
Use the PARTY function to turn on heating at the desired comfort temperature. After the configured time has passed, the operation switches to the current time programme. The duration can be changed freely for all user functions.
ECO function
Use the ECO function to activate the heating function according to the lowenergy temperature.
Holiday function
For longer absences, you can set room heating or cooling to the holiday time temperature by means of the HOLIDAY function. The latter is preset to 12°C and can be freely changed. The HOLIDAY function can be terminated by setting the date up to which the function shall be active.
The function allows you to switch on the domestic hot water heating at the desired temperature at any time. The function shuts down automatically when the desired domestic hot water temperature has been reached or after one hour at the latest.

Measurements and data display

The RCD2 room unit measures and displays the temperature of the room, relative air humidity, air pressure and weather forecast.

The RCD room unit is used for the heating system control from the central living space. It is compatible with all Seltron weather-compensated heating controllers. In addition to the room temperature, it also measures the relative air humidity and pressure. 
SYSTEM CONTROL (together with one of the heating controllers)
Radiator system 
Floor system 
Convector system 
Wall or floor system 
Domestic hot water heating 
Option of connecting an auxiliary sensor 
Compatible with all modern Seltron heating controllers, such as WDC, CMP, WXD, KXD, AHC and KUD