ST is the new generation of modern room thermostats. They are used for the control of room temperature in smaller houses or for the zone control of room temperature in larger residential facilities. In addition to the room temperature, it also measures the relative air humidity and pressure.

Product range:

Large backlit display

The ST room thermostats feature a large display that allows the users to read the information from a distance. The ST model is equipped with a light sensor for an optimum visibility, with the help of which the illumination of the display is adapted to the light in the room.

Preset time programmes

ST room thermostats allow the selection between two preset time programmes. The user is able to create the time programmes according to their wishes, or they may use to preset time programmes and adapt them if necessary.

User functions Party, Eco, Holiday

The thermostat is equipped with quick buttons through which we enter user functions directly, such as PARTY , ECO and HOLIDAY . By choosing the PARTY function, the daytime room heating is prolonged. By choosing the ECO function, the heating temperature reduces for a certain period of time. In the holiday operation mode, we set the heating temperature during our prolonged absence.

Measurement of relative air humidity, air pressure, weather forecast display

ST measures the air humidity and pressure in the room. Based on the air pressure, also the weather forecast is possible.

Installation options

Battery powered room thermostats or thermostats with a traditional electrical connection are available. They can be installed into a pre-prepared flushmounted socket or on the wall.

Regulation of heating or cooling of rooms in housing   
Regulation of heating or cooling of rooms in business facilities  
Radiator or convection heating   
Floor heating system  
Wall- and ceiling-mounted heating or cooling system
Electric floor heating