WXD heating controllers are installed in standard-dimension housings of 144×96mm. They have been developed for the control of room heating or cooling as well as domestic hot water heating in single-family homes. They provide control of one or two heating circuits, switchover between heat sources, and the protection of the return line during the storage tank loading. They are used for heating systems with one or two boilers, a heat pump, a storage tank, and a solar system.

Product range:

Start-up wizard

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 and 4

The WXD controller is equipped with a start-up wizard, which takes you through the initial settings of the controller in 3 or 4 steps.
Step 1: language selection.
Step 2: hydraulic scheme selection.
Step 3: setting the heating curve for the first heating circuit.
Step 4: setting the heating curve for the second heating circuit.

USB port and programmable key

The WXD controller may be connected to personal computer and SELCONTROL via a mini-USB port. The SELCONTROL software package is a connection interface and a software. It is used to control the 3rd generation of SELTRON heating control. With the help of the SELCONTROL software, we can change the parameters of the controller via a personal computer, activate or deactivate user functions, and edit and save the information about controller settings. With the programmable key, the user sets the shortcut to the most frequently used settings in the menu.

WXD controller installation

The WXD controller is used for the control of modern heating systems or as a replacement controller in older heating systems. It can be installed into a standard cutout on the boiler or on the wall.

Example of installation on the wall

Example of installation into a cutout or aperture on the boiler

Remote control with the help of SeltronHome system

The WXD controllers may be connected to the SeltronHome platform, which allows for the heating remote control using a smartphone or tablet. Remote control is enabled through the CLAUSIUS application for the final user and the KELVIN app for service technicians. The CLAUSIUS application allows us to set the desired temperature, heating operation mode, and provides an overview and the possibility to change time programmes via a smartphone or a computer.

Typical hydraulic scheme

Solid fuel boiler, storage tank, mixing circuit, domestic hot water storage tank.
Example: hydraulic scheme 414b.

Radiator room heating system control   
Floor heating or cooling system control   
Convector heating or cooling system control   
Wall or ceiling heating or cooling system control   
Domestic hot water heating   
No. of preset hydraulic schemes71752
No. of room units222
No. of mechanical relays789
No. of solid-state relays-11
No. of temperature sensor inputs888
No. of analogue outputs (0÷10 V or PWM) for the control of the circulation pump
or an energy source
BUS option – the interconnection of WXD controllers and connection with other
Seltron controllers
Possibility of USB connection to a PC   
Connectivity to the SeltronHome platform providing remote control using
a smartphone or tablet