ZCE6 controllers have been designed for the control of zone heating and/or cooling. The control is carried out using thermal actuators on the distributor valves based on the reference temperatures obtained from room units. There are six independent temperature zones with the possibility of controlling fourteen circuits. The ZCE6 Advance controllers also allow the control of the source, mixing valve and circulation pump.

Product range:

Thermal actuator control with a voltage of 24V~ or 230V~

The controller allows connection of thermal actuators with a supply voltage of 230V~ or 24V~. The controller is pre-configured for 230V~ power supply. In order to change the supply voltage to 24V~, the protective cover must be removed, the switch must be moved into the 24V~ position and the 24V~ terminal must be connected to the ZCEPS power supply.

Simple procedure for connecting the heating zones with room units

Each room unit represents one temperature zone and can affect one or more heating zones. Establishing a connection between the controller and the room units as well as determining the effect of the room unit on the zones is carried out by a pairing process. The pairing process is carried out in two simple steps.
First, the controller activates the room unit pairing function. The controller waits for the first zone to be paired with the appurtenant room unit. We can also select the zone to be paired manually.
Secondly, the pairing is executed by pressing the – and + keys on the relevant room unit. The room unit is automatically paired with the selected zone on the controller. After a successful pairing process, the controller automatically activates the pairing of the next vacant zone. The process is repeated until all room units have been paired.

Possibility of selection of room units

The ZCE zone controller allows for the connection of wired and wireless room units, or the combination of both. We can choose among 3 room units with various futures.

Versions of room units :

BUS connection of multiple controllers

When controlling demanding heating systems, several ZCE controllers can be interconnected into a comprehensive heating system. One controller must be set as the leading or “master” controller. Through the BUS connection, the master controller sends information on measured temperatures and the operation mode to all the slave controllers. The master controller receives requests to activate a source from slave controllers.

Software update

The controller and room unit software may be updated through the USB connection using a smart device.

 ZCE 6 BasicZCE 6 Advance
Floor heating or cooling system control  
Wall or ceiling heating or cooling system control  
Wall or ceiling heating or cooling system control  
Control of 6 independent temperature zones  
Possibility of selecting supply voltage for thermal actuators: for 24 V~ or 230 V~  
By connecting an antenna wired or wireless room units or a combination of both can be connected to the controller  
Completely quiet control of thermal actuators with solid state relays  
Max. no. of room units66
Circulation pump control 
Supply temperature control with mixing valve 
Possibility of joining temperature zones into one homogeneous zone.  
Possibility of energy source control 
No. of temperature sensor inputs33
No. of digital inputs33
No. of analogue outputs11
No. of outputs (zones/other outputs)6/06/4
Max. number of controllers in a BUS connection66
Possibility of USB connection to a PC