ACC compact controllers are integrated into the actuator housing and are intended for the regulation of the constant temperature of the flow or return line. They are used in heating or cooling systems. The controller allows temperature settings in the range 0–99°C.


Application ACC40

  • Regulation of return temperature of the solid fuel boilers
  • Supply device charging
  • Regulation of the inflow temperature for swimming pools and other constant temperature heating or cooling systems


Advantage ACC40

  • 8 preset hydraulic circuit diagrams;
  • 1 mechanical relay;
  • the option for regulating the mixing valve according to the temperature of the piping and the source;
  • pump regulation according to the temperature of the piping and the source
  • the option for simulating system operation;
  • installed in the motor housing mounted directly to the mixing valve;
  • direct mounting on over 20 different mixing valves;
  • adjustment of the direction of mixing valve rotation
  • innovative connector system for sensor connection;
  • remote control option with the help of SeltronHome system.

Solid fuel boiler return temperature control  
Storage tank loading  
Supply temperature control for pools and other constant temperature heating or cooling
No. of preset hydraulic schemes33
No. of mechanical relays1
No. of temperature sensor inputs22
Mixing valve turning signalling  
Circulation pump operation indication 
Allowed temperature setting in the range 0÷99 °C  
Auxiliary sensor for measuring the source temperature  
The option for controlling the pump according to the temperature of the pipeline and the source 
Single-stage storage tank loading  
Boiler overheating protection  
Antiblock function for pumps  
Antiblock function for pumps and diverting valves  
Displaying temperatures and other performance data  
Detailed display of temperatures for the current day  
Overview of temperature data for the last week  
Signalling the valve turning direction  
Signalling circulation pump operation  
Notifications on the activated protection functions and warnings about system failures  
Possibility of USB connection to a PC  
Startup wizard for an easy and quick device startup  
13-language user interface
Languages: EN, DE, FR, NL, PL, ES, SL, IT, CS, LT, GR, HU, HR
Connector system for sensor connection  
Setting up the operation by selecting the hydraulic scheme  
“Help” button for quick help with the setup  
Adjustment of the mixing valve turning direction  
Logging and display of changes made to the setup  
Option for retrieval of the basic setup in the event of data loss or unwanted changes  
Option of installation onto different types of mixing valves  
Sensors with a connector for a “Plug & Play” installation  

Technical specificationsACC40
Backlit OLED displayyes
Touch keyboardyes
Weekly program timeryes
Own consumptionMax. 3.5 W
Energy consumption in the standby modeMax. 0.25 W
Torque6 Nm
Running angle90 < °
Running speed2 min / 90 < °
Operation mode3-point PID
Relay outputs1×(5(1) A~, 250 V~)
Connection voltage230 V~, 50 Hz
Clock power supplyCR1025 battery (Li-Mn) 3 V
Clock accuracy+/-1 s (24 h) at 20 °C
Degree of protectionIP20 according to 60529
Safety classI according to EN 60730-1
Type of temperature sensorsPt1000
Housing materialPC – black transparent
Operating temperature0÷50 °C
Storage temperature-20÷65 °C
Product weight800 g
No. of pieces in the packaging unit12 pcs
Electrical connection