SGC universal solar heating controllers are intended for the regulation of solar systems for hot water production as well as a support system for room heating. Advanced operation algorithms ensure an optimal usage of solar energy and allow for the regulation of energy efficient circulation pumps. The SGC controllers have integrated preset hydraulic systems that allow a fast and simple installation.

Application SGC26H

  • In hot water production systems with classic or vacuum collectors
  • In hot water production systems with additional heat sources
  • In supply device heating using solar heating system and additional heat sources
  • In pool heating systems


Advantage SGC26H

  • 22 preset hydraulic diagrams,
  • 1 free programmable output,
  • rotation speed control of 1 classical pump (RMP),
  • rotation speed control of 1 energy-efficient pump (PWM, 0–10 V),
  • system regulation with 2 collector fields,
  • system regulation with 2 heat storage tanks,
  • startup wizard for an easy and quick startup of the device,
  • measurement and display of the generated energy,
  • solar system protection by overheating of collectors,
  • diagnostics of operation by prompting to errors and exceeded temperatures,
  • the SeltronHome platform connectivity allowing remote control via smartphone or tablet.

In domestic hot water heating systems with flat or vacuum collectors    
In domestic hot water heating systems with auxiliary heat sources    
In storage tank heating systems using a solar system and auxiliary heat sources   
In pool heating systems   
For a single-stage storage tank loading  
For a two-stage storage tank loading 
No. of preset hydraulic schemes5225365
No. of mechanical relays114
No. of solid state relays1122
No. of temperature sensor inputs6667
Number of collector fields1222
No. of storage tanks1233
Measurement of the energy obtained (kWh)    
Option for pulse meter flow measurement (l/min)    
Possibility for flow measurement with a Vortex sensor VFS  
Speed control for energy-saving pumps (PWM, 0÷10 V)1 pump1 pump2 pumps2 pumps
Speed control for standard pumps (RPM)1 pump1 pump2 pumps2 pumps
Free programming option1 output2 outputs3 outputs
Collector fields1222
Storage tanks1up to 2up to 3up to 3
Solar system domestic hot water heating and an auxiliary heat source   
Heating support   
Pool heating   
Using a solid fuel boiler 
Quick cold storage tank start function 
Flat or vacuum collectors    
Solid fuel boiler    
Solid fuel boiler with a pellet burner   
Liquid fuel boiler   
Combined boiler   
Gas flow boiler   
Heat pump   
Storage tank    
Auxiliary heating using electric heater   
The controller features the option of an auxiliary source for heating the water to the minimum temperature
The option for starting the primary energy source immediately or only when the water cannot be heated in a certain period of time
The option for configuring the time during which we allow water heating only by using collectors – the controller will not switch on the primary heat source if the calculations show that the water can be heated only by collectors
Constant operation in the “OPTIMUM” mode means an optimum use of solar energy for heating all of the storage tanks taking into account the preferred storage tank   
The "AUTO" operation mode automatically switches between winter and summer modes according to a preset calendar   
Constant operation in the “SUMMER” mode means the heating of only the preferred storage tank, other storage tanks are heated only when the preferred one reaches the desired temperature   
Continuous operation in the “WINTER” mode means an alternating parallel heating of all storage tanks   
Heating of all storage tanks   
Domestic hot water heating according to the time programme    
Holiday operation mode    
One-time domestic hot water heating    
Anti-legionella protection (for a controlled energy source)    
Collector frost protection    
Forced pump start at the highest collector temperature    
Switching off of the pump when the safety temperature has been exceeded    
Solar system protection when collectors are overheating    
Storage tank overheating protection    
Storage tank recooling to the desired temperature    
Periodic starts of pumps during a period of inactivity    
Graphic display of temperatures according to days of the last week    
Detailed display of temperatures for the current day    
Archiving and graphic display of the solar energy obtained    
Notifications on the activated protection functions and warnings about system failures    
Possibility to simulate sensors and analyse the system operation    
Possibility of USB connection to a PC    
Connectivity to the SeltronHome platform providing remote control using a smartphone or tablet    
Wizard for an easy and quick device start-up    
13-language user interface
Languages: EN, DE, FR, NL, PL, ES, SL, IT, CS, LT, GR, HU, HR
Setting up the operation by selecting the hydraulic scheme    
“Help” button for quick help with the setup    
Graphically adjustable time programmes    
Option to simulate the system operation    
Logging and display of changes made to the setup    
Option for retrieval of the basic setup in the event of data loss or unwanted changes    
Option for programming free outputs    
Possibility of wall or DIN rail installation    
Simple installation and connection    

Technical specificationsSGC26H
Backlit graphic display 
Operating hours meter 
Weekly program timer 
Connection voltage230 V~, 50 Hz
Own consumption2.5 W
Energy consumption in the standby modeMax. 0.5 W
No. of inputs6 pcs temperature sensor (Pt 1000)
1 pc pulse input
Additional inputs
No. of outputs1 pc Triac for speed control (R2)
1 pc PWM or analogue 0÷10 V (Y2)
Relay outputs4 (1) A~, 230 V~
Triac outputs1 (1) A~, 230 V~
Clock power supplyBattery CR2032 (Li-Mn) 3 V
Clock accuracy+/-1 s (24 h) at 20 °C
Degree of protectionIP20/EN60529
Safety classI according to EN 60730-1
Operation mode1B according to EN 60730-1
Type of temperature sensorsPt1000 or KTY10
Housing materialASA – thermoplastic
Permissible ambient temperature0÷40 °C
Storage temperature-20÷65 °C
Product weight400 g
No. of pieces in the packaging unit6 pcs
Dimensionsdimensions for SGC16H
Electrical connectionElectrical connection for SGC26H

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