The PS10/Pt room temperature sensor belongs to the optional equipment range for Seltron heating controllers.


Application PS10/Pt

  • The PS10/Pt room temperature sensor measures the temperature of the room where it is installed.
  • It is used wherever we do not want or we do not allow changing the desired temperature on the room unit.

Product range compareAFDVFTF TF
Sensor element Pt1000       
Operating temperature range
0 ÷ 40 °C       
0 ÷ 85 °C     
-25 ÷ 65 °C   
-25 ÷ 150 °C  
20 ÷ 350 °C 
Minimum cross-section of the wires 0,3 mm2       
Maximum cable length 30 m      
Threaded connector GN 1/4 ZN 
Product weight in grams651201001008450120

Sensor elementPt1000
Operating temperature range0÷40 °C
Minimum cross-section of the wires0,3 mm2
Maximum cable length30 m
Product weight50 g
DimensionsRoom temperature sensor PS10/Pt

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