2-way zone valve BVQ-2100

2-way zone valve BVQ-2100



    The BVQ-2100 internally threaded zone ball valves are specially designed for use with Seltron AQD actuators. The valves have a quick and easy mounting connection for actuator.

    • For domestic and commercial heating and cooling hydronic closed systems.
    • For open/close applications.


    • Quick assembly of the actuator.
    • DN15 ÷ DN50.
    • Blow-out proof stem.
    • Low operating torque.



    Featured functions

    Quick assembly of the actuator

    The actuator is assembled on the valve by hand, without tool use, by moving the actuator vertically downwards (snap). Two positions of assembling the actuator to the valve is possible (2x180°). Slots must match the ribs on the valve neck. To remove the actuator from the valve, the metal pin must be pulled out to the unlocking position.

    Flow directions of the BVQ valve

    Designed for Seltron AQD actuators

    The 2-way BVQ-2100 valves are adjusted by AQD actuators for zone valves. Actuators controlled by 2-point signal are recomended for open/close aplications. Valves can also be used in combination with other actuators from the AQD family controled by 3-point or modulating control signal.

    Technical data

    Tehnični podatkiBVQ-2100
    Connection for actuatorQuick installation
    Pipe connectionsRp internal thread ISO 7-1, Compression fittings EN1254-2
    Nominal pressurePN25
    Max. diff. pressure 6 bar (max 2 bar for low noise operation)
    Fluid temperature-15 °C to +110 °C ; +130 °C short time peaks (fluid temp. can be limited depending on the actuator type)
    FluidWater, water with glycol up to 50 % vol. The water quality requirements specified in VDI 2035 must be adhered to.
    Max. leakageRate A according to: EN 12266-1:2003
    Rotation angle90 °
    ServicingMaintenance-free. The installation of a strainer is recommended.
    Installation positionUpright to horizontal (related to stem)
    MaterialsBody-CW617N brass; Sealing-PTFE, EPDM
    BVQ 2115DN15Rp 1/2 ”62153115102517
    BVQ 2120DN20Rp 3/4 ”68163420103128
    BVQ 2125DN25Rp 1 ”821738,525103839
    BVQ 2132DN32Rp 1 ¼ ”861943,532104884
    BVQ 2140DN40Rp 1 ½ ”1002153401055156
    BVQ 2150DN50Rp 2 ”1202264501068243
    BVQ 2320DN20Cf 22721534201028
    Mere ventila BVQ-2100
    Structure of BVQ-2100
    1 - Body
    2 - Nut
    3 - Ball
    4 - Spindle with o-rings
    5 - Seat
    6 - O-ring
    Struktura prehodnih krogelnih ventilov


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