Compact constant temperature controller ACD10

Compact constant temperature controller ACD10



    Controller ACD10 is prewired with temperature sensor and is intended for control of mixing valve. It features simple user interface with setup of controller in only few steps.

    • Boiler return-pipe temperature or any other energy source temperature control.
    • Heating or cooling system supply temperature control.


    • 2 pre-set hydraulic schemes.
    • Prewired with temperature sensor.
    • Single sensor option.
    • Adjustable temperature control.
    • Simple user interface.
    • Direct installation onto 20 different mixing valves.
    • The possibility to configure the mixing valve opening direction.
    • Innovative connector system for connecting sensors.



    Featured functions

    Clutch for manual operation

    The manual mode clutch of the ACD compact controller is activated by pressing the button. When the clutch is activated, the mixing valve control and, where appropriate, also the circulation pumps are switched off to save energy.

    Quick installation

    Innovative accessories and installation system provides a quick installation and removal of the ACD compact controller from/to the mixing valve, mostly without any tools. There are accessories for most mixing valves available on the market.

    Setup buttons

    The buttons for setting the controller are located under the manual turning knob. That prevents unwanted access to the controller setup.

    Plug-in connectors

    The ACD compact controller has a built-in connector for plug-in connection of the power cord. That provides a simple cable replacement in case of damage.

    Acd Graphic display

    Color graphic display with resolution of 240 x 240 dots provides detailed display of graphics and texts.

    Technical data

    Tehnični podatkiACD10
    TFT display
    Own consumptionMaximum 3.5 W
    Standby power consumptionMaximum 0.5 W
    Torque5 Nm
    Rotation angle90 < °
    Rotation speed2 min 90 < °
    Mixing valve control3-point PID
    Connection voltage230 V ~, 50 Hz
    Maximum own consumption5 W
    Power supply of built-in clockBattery CR1025 (Li-Mn) 3 V
    Accuracy of built-in clock+/-1 s (24 h) at 20 °C
    Degree of protectionIP42 according to EN 60529
    Safety classI according to EN 60730-1
    Type of temperature sensorsPt1000
    Housing materialPC - dark grey
    Operating temperature0÷50 °C
    Storage temperature-20÷65 °C
    Product weight900 g
    Number of pieces in a package unit24 pieces
    DimensionsAcd Dimensions
    Electrical connectionACD10 Electrical connection

    Performance comparison

    Boiler return-pipe temperature or any other energy source temperature control
    Heating or cooling system supply temperature control
    Technical features
    No. of preset hydraulic schemes23
    Number of electronic relays1
    No. of temperature sensor inputs12
    Temperature setup option 10 to 90 °C
    Additional sensor for measuring the source temperature
    Heating system protection
    Overheating protection
    Undercooling protection
    Antiblock function for mixing valve
    Antiblock function for pump
    Data display
    Display of notifications and warnings about the heating system operation
    Display of temperatures and other operating data
    Detailed display of temperatures for the current day
    Review of temperature data for the previous week
    Signalling of the mixing valve rotating direction
    Control and signalling of the circulation pump operation
    Remote access
    Possibility of USB connection to a PC
    Setup and installation
    Wizard for an easy and quick device start-up
    14-language user interface
    Connection box for sensors
    Setting up the operation by selecting the hydraulic scheme
    Setting of the rotation direction of the mixing valve
    Logging and display of changes made to the setup
    Option for retrieval of the basic setup in the event of data loss or unwanted changes
    Suitable for installation on different types of mixing valves
    "Click" type installation system
    Prewired temperature sensor
    Sensors with a connector for a “Plug & Play” installation
    Power cord equipped with plug


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