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The AHD 20 is another outstanding controller from the Seltron family of compact controllers

It is a combination of a weather-controlled controller and a motor drive in a compact housing. It allows the control of a mixing valve and a circulating pump and can be easily and quickly attached to the various types of mixing valves on the market.
AHD vremensko voden regulator ogrevanja Seltron



    • Weather-controlled controller and motor drive combined in one compact housing.
    • Control of the mixing valve and circulation pump.
    • Easy and quick installation on different types of mixing valves on the market.
    • First time setting up the controller using the 4-step wizard.
    • Wired or wireless connection to the room unit.
    • Remote monitoring.

    User friendly interface

    The controller has a backlit colour graphic display with 240 x 240 pixel resolution, adjustable backlight intensity and automatic display orientation for readability regardless of mounting position. The keypad for adjusting the controller shall be located below the manual override knob of the mixing valve to prevent unwanted changes to the settings.

    Plug-in connectors

    The compact AHD controller has a socket built into the housing for connecting the power cable. This allows easy disconnection of the power supply in case of maintenance work, without the use of tools.
    The sensors and other connections are connected to the external connection box, where it is possible to connect: sensors T1-T4, BUS connection to other controllers, room unit.


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