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Clausius application

Clausius application is intuitive and designed to remotely manage the simplest as well as the most complex heating systems. With use of GWD communication module and the Clausius application, you can be in contact with your heating system anywhere, anytime. You can use Clausius as a mobile app on Android or iOS smartphones and as a web app on all devices with an Internet browser.

Access to your heating system via mobile device

With the CLAUSIUS application, you can check the status of your heating system, change individual settings and take action in the event of errors. You can choose between user functions such as: Party, ECO, Holiday and one-time hot water heating.

Temperature adjustment adapted to your rhythm of life

In today’s fast-paced life, daily schedules are flexible and constantly changing. This reflects on the time in which you need a comfortable temperature in your space or sanitary water. Customizing time programs has never been easier and faster than you can do with CLAUSIUS applications. This increases your comfort and reduces costs.

The Clausius application allows multi-user access

Your family life is dynamic, full of different interests and desires. You can invite your family members to use the CLAUSIUS app, allowing them to take part in creating living comfort.

You will be notified at important moments

In case the building is heated by a pellet or wood boiler, CLAUSIUS application provides information about the condition of the fuel.
You will be notified via the mobile device that the fuel has run out, and it is necessary to fill the pellets or load the logs.
The application also warns you if any other error or malfunction of the heating system has occurred.

Managing heating or cooling system in multiple buildings is no longer a problem

CLAUSIUS application allows you to control and regulate heating in several buildings at the same time, such as a house, cottage, office, grandparents’ house, etc. You can monitor and change the settings for an individual area or an entire building.

Remote service support

The most inconvenient thing for you as a user is to wait in a cold for a service technician to intervene in the event of heating system failure. The application provides the possibility of remote access of an authorized service technician, who can check the working of the heating system via a mobile device and find out what the problem is.

If the problem is in the wrong setting, he can fix it remotely, otherwise he diagnoses the cause of the fault very well and therefore performs service on the system faster.

SeltronHome subscription plans

The exact price list of SeltronHome subscription packages will be published by the end of 2021, and until 1 February 2022, all users can use the functionalities from the PLUS and ADVANCED packages free of charge.

Basic package

Advance package

Plus package

  • Room and hot water heating

    Set temperatures, schedule, and operation mode.
    User functions Party, Eco, Holiday

  • Notification from Heating controller

  • Insights (heating system operation)

    In-app view

Package is free for a period of a heating controller lifespan or at least 7 years.

  • Functions from the Basic package

  • Push notifications for errors and warnings in the controller

  • Multiple user access

  • Functions from the Basic and Advance package

  • Remote access of service technician

  • Temperature and humidity graphs

    In development

  • Fuel consumption and gained energy report

    In development

  • Advanced push notifications

    In development


What are the requirements for use of the Clausius application?

  • A smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS or a device with an Internet browser.
  • An installed application that can be found by typing “SeltronHome” or “Clausius” in the Google Play or App Store.
  • One of the Seltron heating controllers supported by the CLAUSIUS application.
  • GWD communication module.
  • Wireless router (Wi-Fi).

Try the CLAUSIUS app

 web version