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Modern remote support for heating systems

A new era of mobile technology makes big steps on the field of the work of installers and servicemen of heating devices. Multiple visits to customers’ facilities will soon become a thing of the past. They will be replaced by remote control, diagnostics and quick repairs via smartphone or tablet. Modern servicemen will provide their customers with quality control and immediate response to potential heating system errors. Every serviceman will have their own customers, to whom they will offer services, instead of one-time interventions, throughout the entire heating season.


How do service technicians benefit from the kelvin application?

By using the KELVIN application service technicians are able to offer their customers significantly higher quality services with less time spent. We have simplified the use of the application as much as possible and at the same time enabled quality and accurate diagnostics of the heating system.

The kelvin application for installers and services offers:

Up-to-date information on the operation of the heating systems

One click enables access to the information about which of your customers are having problems with their heating system, what the problem is and how urgent their repair is.

Comprehensive diagnostics of operation of the customer’s heating system

The diagnostics mode allows you to monitor and analyze the controller’s measurements data. The data can be observed in a daily or weekly view or the system operation can be monitored in real time.

The simplified procedure for setting up the heating controller

Controller operation can be configured with a tool for setting up the parameters. We offer a range of useful tools, such as displaying only modified parameters, history of parameter changes or search by parameters.

The malfunction data help the service agents in preparing and planning visits

The KELVIN application provides notification on irregular operation of customers’ heating systems. According to these data service agents estimate the severity of the malfunctions and determine how urgent their visit is. The data on the fault elements are crucial for quality preparation before heading to the facility. The data allow the service agents to prepare everything they need for the repair.

Get a detailed overview of your customers’ heating systems

The overview of the system provides you with information on measured and calculated temperatures, operation status of control outputs and the chosen hydraulic scheme. Access more detailed data via the “diagnostics” menu. In the event of necessary corrections, the latter may be performed in the “parameters” menu and the “heating circuits” menu.

Quick customer assistance for user setup

The “Heating Circuits” overview enables the option of accessing all active heating circuits in the customer’s building. Time programmes, user functions, changes of night and day temperature or schedule changes can be set for each heating circuit. For easier recognition of the heating circuits, we can also name them as desired.

Choosing an authorized service technician

In the CLAUSIUS application, the customers can choose their service technician. The service technician confirms the new customer and adds it to their customer list. KELVIN is the first application that gives you, i.e. the heating system service technicians, a comprehensive overview of the status of your customers’ heating systems.

Advantages of the SeltronHome platform for our partners

Remote access to heating system of your customers.
Remote supervision of the system and fault diagnosis.
Quick settings adjustments.
Customer support for user settings.

We offer:

Training and installation workshops.

Sales support.

Technical support with the use of applications and system.

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