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Our production capacities comprise planning and implementing comprehensible production processes of individual sets and end products. We are able to manage and respond quickly to the needs of mass production and individual series and prototypes. Close cooperation with our own R&D department enables systematic upgrading and harmonising production processes to match all technical and developmental conditions of production.

Stability and innovation

Seltron pursues its goal to provide a stable, innovative and lean production with its focus on quality. All introduced changes comply with the guidelines of Industry 4.0

Computer system for production monitoring

Using applications for monitoring production operations designed specifically for our company enables a close connection between the production and the planning system. Work posts are equipped with computers providing video instructions for employees to execute work operations. Produced quantities at workplaces are automatically monitored and processed in the phase of further production planning. A method of automated planning of work orders – KANBAN – is being introduced at primary workplaces.


We have provided traceability of material flows from the order, receipt, storage, incoming material and material flow in the production process to the shipment of products.


Our products are tested in a special measurement laboratory using the equipment for conducting tests according to standards stipulated by EU regulations for obtaining CE certificate. We test the immunity of products to exterior electromagnetic interference (EMC) and safety requirements of devices connected to the power grid (LVD). Other measuring equipment also enables us to test the accelerated aging of products, verify UV resistance, test product resistance to particular climatic conditions, such as high humidity, frost, heat, and waterproofing characteristics.

Certificate of excellence

Production and other processes in the company are conducted in accordance with the certificate of excellence ISO 9001.