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We are a company with a long tradition

The company was founded 30 years ago with the mission to help people save energy in space heating in an environmentally friendly way.
All these years we have been combining our own experience with modern technologies and thus building a modern technological company that enables quality development and production of variously demanding products. We focus on user-friendly, technologically and functionally high quality products that provide our OEM partners competitive advantage and differentiation on the market.

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We understand the needs and requirements of OEM partners

Since its establishment, we have been a specialized OEM supplier and partner to manufacturers of heating technology, manufacturers of boilers, solar systems and specialized wholesalers in the HVAC segment.

As an OEM partner, today we work with companies in more than 33 countries around the world.

We develop products from idea to implementation in production

Our development team consists of motivated and trained engineers, specialists in the field of heating, programming, electronics, modeling and electromechanics. Our expertise and rich experience enable us to develop and design products that are different in the market and have a high added value.

We follow high quality standards in the development and production processes

Quality is our guidance. In the development process we already select the components of proven manufacturers. Upon receipt of the material, we perform especially careful initial quality control. In our own laboratory we perform climate testing, durability tests, tests of aging of materials and functional tests.
Through the manufacturing process, all products go through several stages of testing before being packaged and shipped to the customer.

We have Modern and flexible production

With specially developed applications we monitor all production operations, which enables us better connection between production and the planning system. Workplaces are equipped with computers on which employees have relevant data for each workstation and video instructions for performing work operations correctly. Produced quantities are automatically monitored in real time. At primary workplaces, we are introducing the method of automatic work order planning — KANBAN.

We ensure the traceability of material flows

We ensured the traceability of materials from ordering, receipt, storage, input in the production process, to the shipment of products.

Multi-level verification of suitability and quality

The products are tested in an own specialized measuring laboratory with testing equipment according to the standards required by the directives for obtaining the CE certificate. We test the product’s immunity to external electromagnetic interference (EMC) and safety requirements for devices that are connected to the mains (LVD). Our own measuring equipment also enables us to test the accelerated aging of products, check the resistance to UV, check the resistance of the product to climatic conditions such as high humidity, cold, heat and water resistance.

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Certificates of excellence

Our aim is to ensure stable, innovative, lean production with an emphasis on quality. We are systematically introducing changes that follow the guidelines of 4.0 production. We are able to handle large or small production series. Close cooperation with our own development department enables us to systematically upgrade production processes so that they meet all technical and development conditions of modern production.

Production and other processes in the company operate in accordance with the ISO 9001 certificate of excellence.

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