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Inovacije Seltron
Inovacije Seltron
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Solutions with innovative attachment on the mixing valve — from the motor to a compact heating controller

We are committed to an innovative contribution in the field of performance, installation solutions, settings and the possibility of modern remote access to controllers. All rounded off in a range of technically advanced and user-friendly products with great added value.

Širok nabor rešitev reguliranja sistemov
AVD ACD AHD ohišje

 We can offer solutions for regulating simple or demanding heating systems

  • Regulation of heating or cooling in individual buildings with different heat sources,
  • Modern zone regulation of heating and cooling,
  • Temperature regulation in smaller buildings or apartments with room thermostats,
  • Solutions for economical heating of sanitary water with a solar system and other sources,
  • Regulation of heating and operation of boilers on liquid fuels and biomass,
  • Regulating the operation of mixing and ball valves.

Solutions with direct attachment to the mixing valve – from the motor to a powerful heating controller

For applications where the installation of regulators on mixing or ball valves is suitable, we have solutions built into the housing with attachment to the motor drive. The range of products in this housing includes motor drives, constant temperature controllers, as well as weather-controlled heating or cooling controllers. In addition to many applications, regulators and motors in a compact housing can be mounted on almost any mixing valve on the market.

Solutions for modern zone regulation of heating or cooling

  • The controller enables the regulation of 6 independent temperature zones.
  • As the only one on the market, the controller allows the regulation of the heat source, circulation pump and flow temperature as standard.
  • As the only one on the market, it allows the connection of wireless, wired or a combination of these room units.
  • Compact design of the controller with enough connection space, which is welcome when installed in a cabinet.
  • Possibility of setting up and upgrading the controller, using a personal computer or smart mobile device.

Solution to replace worn-out controllers from different manufacturers

Dedicated controllers are also available to replace existing obsolete controllers from various manufacturers. The controllers have a standard Euromodul housing design. They enable the regulation of various heat sources and heating systems in over 52 different hydraulic schemes. The controllers also enable remote control with the help of the Clausius and Kelvin mobile application.

AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0001
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0006
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0007
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0008
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0009
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0010
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0011
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0012
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0013
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0019
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0020
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0021
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0022
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0023
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0024
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0025
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0026
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0027
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0029
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0030
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0031
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0032
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0031
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0030
AHD20 Uporabniski Vmesnik 0029

Advantages of Seltron heating and cooling control systems (Controllers)

  • They enable operation according to one of the 52 standard hydraulic schemes.
  • They have a built-in 14-language user interface and a startup wizard.
  • They contain innovative solutions for easier installation and electrical connection.
  • They allow modern remote control via smartphone, tablet or computer.

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