The AHD20 is a compact, weather compensated controller built into the actuator housing. It is used to control the mixing valve and the circulation pump to regulate the supply temperature during heating or cooling, depending on the outdoor temperature.

Product range:

Clutch for manual operation

Clutch for manual operation ahd

The manual mode clutch of the AHD compact controller is activated by pressing the button. When the clutch is activated, the mixing valve control and, where appropriate, also the circulation pump is switched off to save energy. Manual operation mode is signalled on the display.

Quick installation

Quick installation AHD

For dismounting, release of safety knob on the flange is needed and controller can be removed form the valve.
For dismounting, press and hold the release knob on the flange and remove the controller from the valve.
During operation, controller can not release itself from the valve.
Mounting accessories are available for most mixing valves on the market.

User friendly interface

User friendly interface AHD

The user menu consists of a colour display and a keypad. The keypad was deliberately placed under the button for manual movement, what prevents unwanted changes of the settings to the controller.
For clear and user-friendly data display, the controller has a built-in colour graphic display with a 240 x 240-pixel resolution, with adjustable brightness. The automatic screen orientation ensures that the data is readable regardless of the installation position.

PLUG-in connectors

PLUG-in connectors

The AHD compact controller has a built-in socket for the connector of the power cable. This allows an easy disconnection in the case of maintenance work, without the need for any tools.
Sensors and other connections are connected to an external connection box, which allows the connection of:T1-T4 sensors,Bus connection to another controller,room unit.



Start-up wizard

The controller is equipped with a built-in wizard, which allows the initial setting of the controller. It only takes four steps and includes:

Step 1: Leanguage selection.
Step 2: Hydraulic scheme selection.
Step 3: Setup of heating curve steepness.
Step 4: Selection of opening direction of mixing valve.

After completing this procedure, the controller is set up and ready for basic operation.

Weather compensated heating and/or cooling control 
Mixing heating circuit control (mixing valve and circulation pump) 
Technical features
Number of pre-set hydraulic schemes2
Number of electronic relays1
Number of temperature sensors inputs4
Temperature setup option 10 to 90 °C 
Additional sensor for measuring the source temperature 
BUS option - interconnection of AHD controller or with other Seltron heating controllers 
Remote access
Possibility of USB connection to a personal computer 
Possibility of connectivity to the SeltronHome platform, which allows remote control via a smartphone or tablet