Controller AHD
Compact weather-compensated controller SELTRON AHD
Compact weather-compensated controller

The AHD20 is used to control the mixing valve and the circulation pump to regulate the supply temperature during heating or cooling, depending on the outdoor temperature.

Controller ACD
Compact Weather Compensated Controller SELTRON ACD
Compact constant temperature controllers

They are integrated into the actuator housing with the possibility of an installation onto
more than 20 mixing valves of various manufacturers. They control constant supply or return temperature.

Actuator AVD
Actuator SELTRON

Actuators AVD control the position of rotary mixing and ball valves. Innovative accessories
provide a quick installation and removal, mostly without any tools.

Controller WXD
Weather Compensated Controller Seltron WXD
Weather-compensated controllers

They are modern heating controllers installed into standard-dimension housings with dimensions of 144×96 mm. They are recommended for use in the renovation of existing heating systems as the replacement controller.

Contoller ZCE
Zone Controller Seltron ZCE
Zone controllers

The ZCE controllers control room zone heating and/or cooling. They feature the control of the energy source, mixing valve and circulation pump.

Room thermostat
Seltron room thermostats
Room thermostats

Room thermostats are used for controlling room temperature in apartments or smaller single-family houses. In larger facilities, ST room thermostats are used for heating control of individual zones.


With SeltronHome you can manage your heating system wherever and whenever you feel like. This brings you unprecedented freedom, comfort and effectiveness of remote support.

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