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Clausius app

Time programmes
Set up a heating or cooling schedule to meet your needs and your lifestyle.
Function ECO
If you're just going on a short trip or visit, you can use the by switching on the ECO function, you can lower the heating temperature by just for the duration of your absence (up to 24 hours).
Function HOLIDAY
Simply turn on the HOLIDAY function and enter your return date. The rooms will be heated at the temperature set for holiday heating. After the time has elapsed, the heating will return to its normal operating mode. You will return to a cosy warm home home.
Function PARTY
When switching to a lower temperature, activate the PARTY function on your smartphone to continue heating comfortably. After the set time for this function has elapsed, the heating will return to the current operating mode.
Prepare domestic hot water
With the app CLAUSIUS app, activate the one-time heating function for domestic water. Before you even get home, it will be the water is ready for your refreshment.

Heating with renewable sources

Clausius app

You have chosen renewable heating because it is environmentally friendly and affordable, but it requires you to repeatedly check the fuel level to keep it running smoothly. Depending on the outside temperature, you need to access the boiler frequently. Sometimes you load too much, other times you are too late and the fire burns out due to lack of fuel. The CLAUSIUS app will keep you informed about the fuel status of the boiler and make heating with renewable energy more comfortable. You'll refuel less often and only when you really need to.

Choosing an authorised service technician

Possibility to choose the Servicing Agent
You can choose your service provider using the app and assign permanent or time-limited access to your heating system system. This way, your heating system faults will also be immediately notified to your service technician.
Possibility of on-line corrections
The service technician can use remote access to check the operation and any malfunctions. The app can quickly identify the cause of the fault and make corrections.
Monitoring system performance
To help technicians who need information on the operation of the heating system for diagnostics, the CLAUSIUS app displays information on the current status of the system.

Free app download

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  • Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and any internet browser.
  • An installed app, which you can find by typing "SeltronHome" or "Clausius" into the search engine on Google Play or the App Store.
  • One of the Seltron heating controllers supported by the CLAUSIUS app. GWD communication interface. Wireless router (Wi-Fi)