Weather compensated controller WXD20

Weather compensated controller WXD20



    WXD20 weather compensated controllers are intended for the control of room heating or cooling in more demanding systems and domestic hot water preparation with solar system.

    • Radiator room heating system control.
    • Floor heating or cooling system control.
    • Convector heating or cooling system control.
    • Wall or ceiling heating or cooling system control.
    • Domestic hot water heating.


    • 52 preset hydraulic schemes.
    • They may be used for the control of new systems or to replace the installed controllers.
    • Room heating or cooling according to the time programme.
    • Domestic hot water heating according to the time programme.
    • Solar system domestic hot water heating.
    • Control of heating systems with a storage tank.
    • The possibility of connecting 2 room units.
    • BOOST function for intense room heating.
    • Integrated solar system protection features.
    • 13-language user interface.
    • Wizard for an easy and quick device start-up.
    • Operational diagnostics featuring error and excessive temperature warnings.
    • Remote control with the help of the SeltronHome system.



    Featured functions

    Start-up wizard

    The WDD controller is equipped with a start-up wizard, which takes you through the initial setup of the controller in 3 or 4 steps.

    Step 1: language selection.
    Step 2: hydraulic scheme selection.
    Step 3: setting the heating curve for the first heating circuit.
    Step 4: setting the heating curve for the second heating circuit.

    WXD USB port and programmable key

    The WXD controller may be connected to personal computer and SELCONTROL via a mini-USB port. The SELCONTROL software package is a connection interface and a software. It is used to control the 3rd generation of SELTRON heating control. With the help of the SELCONTROL software, we can change the parameters of the controller via a personal computer, activate or deactivate user functions, and edit and save the information about the controller setup.
    With the programmable key (star), the user sets the shortcut to the most frequently used settings in the menu.

    WXD controller installation

    The WXD controller is used for the control of modern heating systems or as a replacement controller in older heating systems.
    It can be installed into a standard cutout on the boiler or on the wall.

    WXD installation in a cut-out on the boiler or wall mounting

    KXD Remote control with the help of SeltronHome system

    The WXD controllers may be connected to the SeltronHome platform, which provides the heating remote control using a smartphone or tablet.
    Remote control is enabled through the CLAUSIUS application for the end user and the KELVIN app for service technicians. The CLAUSIUS application provides the setting of the desired temperature, heating operation mode, and an overview and the possibility to change time programmes via a smartphone or a computer.

    Typical hydraulic scheme

    Solid fuel boiler, storage tank, mixing circuit, domestic hot water storage tank.

    Example: hydraulic scheme 414b.

    Technical data

    Tehnični podatkiWXD20
    Backlit graphic display
    Operating hours meter
    Weekly program timer
    Connection voltage230 V~, 50 Hz
    Own consumption2.5 W
    Standby power consumptionMax. 0.5 W
    No. of inputs8 pcs temperature sensor (Pt 1000)
    No. of outputs9 pcs mechanical
    1 pc electronic
    2 pcs PWM or analogue 0÷10 V (Y1, Y2)
    Relay outputs4 (1) A ~, 230 V~
    Triac outputs1 (1) A ~, 230 V~
    Power supply of built-in clockBattery CR2032 (Li-Mn) 3 V
    Accuracy of built-in clock+/-1 s (24 h) at 20 °C
    Degree of protectionIP20 according to EN 60529
    Safety classI according to EN 60730-1
    Operation mode1B according to EN 60730-1
    Type of temperature sensorsPt1000 or KTY10
    Operation mode3-point PID
    Housing materialASA + PC – thermoplastic
    Permissible ambient temperature5÷40 °C
    Storage temperature-20÷65 °C
    Product weight430 g
    Number of pieces in a package unit6 pieces
    DimensionsWXD dimensions
    Electrical connectionWXD20 Electrical connection

    Performance comparison

    Radiator room heating system control
    Floor heating or cooling system control
    Convector heating or cooling system control
    Wall or ceiling heating or cooling system control
    Domestic hot water heating
    Technical characteristics
    No. of preset hydraulic schemes71752
    No. of room units222
    No. of mechanical relays789
    Number of electronic relays11
    No. of temperature sensor inputs888
    No. of analogue outputs (0÷10 V or PWM) for the control of the circulation pump or an energy source222
    BUS option – the interconnection of WXD controllers and connection with other Seltron controllers
    System control
    Control of a heating system with radiators
    Floor heating or cooling system control
    Convector heating or cooling system control
    Wall or ceiling heating or cooling system control
    Domestic hot water heating system control
    Heating circuits control
    Direct circuit
    Mixing circuit
    Direct and mixing circuit
    Two mixing circuits
    Domestic hot water heating
    Switchover between direct heating circuit and domestic hot water heating
    Domestic hot water circulation
    Automatic switchover between heat sources
    Control of the supply line constant temperature
    Single-stage storage tank loading
    Heat source control
    Solid fuel boiler
    Solid fuel boiler with a pellet burner
    Liquid fuel boiler
    Liquid fuel boiler with a two-stage burner
    Combined boiler
    Gas flow boiler
    Heat pump
    Storage tank
    Auxiliary heating with electricity
    Solar collectors
    Domestic hot water heating
    With a primary heating source
    With a storage tank
    Using a solar system
    User functions
    Room heating or cooling according to the time programme
    Automatic winter/summer mode switchover
    PARTY function – activation of the comfort operation mode
    ECO function – activation of the economy operation mode
    HOLIDAY function – activation of the operation mode during the holiday season
    Domestic hot water heating according to the time programme
    One-time domestic hot water heating
    BOOST function for intense room heating
    Function for screed drying
    Heating system protection
    Anti-legionella protection (for a controlled energy source)
    Storage tank overheating protection
    Boiler overheating protection
    Collector frost protection
    Forced pump start at the highest collector temperature
    Switching off of the pump when the safety temperature has been exceeded
    Solar system protection when collectors are overheating
    Storage tank recooling to the desired temperature
    Periodic start of the pump and mixing valve during a period of inactivity
    A comprehensive overview of the heating system operation
    Graphic display of temperatures according to days of the last week
    Detailed display of temperatures for the current day
    Notifications on the activated protection functions and warnings about system failures
    Possibility to simulate sensors and analyse the system operation.
    Remote access
    Possibility of USB connection to a PC
    Possibility of connectivity to the SeltronHome platform, which allows remote control via a smartphone or tablet
    Setup and installation
    Wizard for an easy and quick device start-up
    13-language user interface
    Languages: EN, DE, FR, NL, PL, ES, SL, IT, CS, LT, GR, HU, HR
    Setting up the operation by selecting the hydraulic scheme
    “Help” button for quick help with the setup
    Graphically adjustable time programmes
    Option to simulate the system operation
    Logging and display of changes made to the setup
    Option for retrieval of the basic setup in the event of data loss or unwanted changes
    Option for programming free outputs
    Possibility of installation onto the wall or into a cutout (opening)
    Simple installation and connection


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