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About the company

We present Seltron with commitment, teamwork, openness and well-established processes of continuous improvement. We upgrade our views with the expectations of our partners and thus design common modern energy efficient products and services that bring added value to users. We closely monitor workplace conditions and adjust them to achieve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Our mission

We help people save energy in heating their premises in an environmentally friendly way.

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30 years on the market

Based on continuous improvements and 30 years of experience, SELTRON has become a recognized brand in the field of heating controllers and actuators.

We are focused on the following areas:

Quality and reliability

We guarantee the highest level of quality and optimal performance for all our products.

User comfort

We put user comfort first. We pay a lot of attention that our products allow easy heating or cooling system management and adapt to the current needs and requirements of users.

Reducing energy consumption

Environment protection is one of our values, so we strive at every step to make our products energy efficient. Efficient energy consumption provides savings in heating or cooling, which reduces costs for users while lowering the impact on environment.

Expertise and continuous learning

The foundation of our company is the acquired knowledge and many years of experience. We put professionalism in the first place, as it is a must for efficient production and the quality of finished products. We are also willing to share our experience and knowledge with our partners through consulting and joint development of products.

Innovation and efficiency

We follow the development of technologies and include them in development and production. We strive to develop innovative solutions in response to the demands of modern heating or cooling systems and advanced users.

Comprehensive customer support

We offer all customers assistance in choosing the appropriate solution, training and technical support in case of any additional questions. We believe that comprehensive support and good communication with customers is the basic guide for successful business.