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Amazing Support. Friendly Staff.


We represent the Seltron trademark with commitment, team work, honesty and constant improvements. We build long-lasting partnerships that provide a clear view on the development of modern energy-efficient products and services. Our goal is to develop products that bring added value to their users. By constantly improving working conditions we wish to make our employees more satisfied, healthier and more productive. We look at our past, present and future success through a prism of a series of right moves within the company and in the environment where we operate.Almost 30 years of experience and a constant hunger for improvement have made SELTRON a recognised brand – a synonym for:

Quality and reliability

We guarantee the highest level of quality and optimum operation of all our products. We address their design and development with responsibility and prudence, always focusing on maximum reliability and long service life of end products.

Comfort of users

Our products are designed to provide the most straightforward application possible because we place the comfort of users first. We develop different smart solutions which provide truly simple management of heating or cooling systems that can be further customised.

Reduced energy consumption and efficiency

Environmental concert is one of our highest values and thus in each phase we strive to provide maximum efficiency of our products. Thus we are more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. At the same time lower energy consumption also generates savings in heating or cooling and is regarded as an additional advantage for the end-user.

Expertise and technical know-how

Our company is based on extensive knowledge and qualified and experienced staff. We believe that expertise is crucial since it is a precondition for efficient production and quality of end products. We are happy to share our technical know-how with our customers and advise them on efficient energy use.

Innovation and efficacy

We follow developments in the field of modern technology and introduce it in our production. We believe that based on our own experience and knowledge and by pursuing modern trends we are able to develop products for even more efficient heating and energy use. We continuously test new possibilities and look for even more innovative solutions to improve and upgrade our products.

Comprehensive customer support

We provide the comprehensive support in the field of consultancy, purchase and service. We offer help to stores, retail chains, installers and end customers in choosing adequate heating and cooling systems and ensure that all their wishes are taken into account. We believe that comprehensive assistance and good communication with our customers are the basic guidelines for successful operation and thus we devote a great deal of our energy in the respective field while also striving to provide competent products and services.


To help people save energy in heating their premises in an environmentally-friendly way.



We have excellent knowledge on the nature of heating systems, we develop, produce and sell important heating system components and provide advice on the best execution of efficient heating system.


We take and use good practices from the trends established by relevant industries and upgrade them with characteristics/experience to introduce innovations in the market. Our every product has at least one feature which is new in the market.


We upgrade processes in all fields of operation that are important for us and our customers (e.g. ISO standard), enhance our knowledge in various fields in a systematic way, without any shortcuts, and systematically develop our products and provide their upgrades.


We have a respectful and good relationship with all company’s stakeholders: colleagues, buyers, suppliers, partners, local community, environment/nature.


The most important source of our development and success is our system for monitoring the market, in particular our end-customers and business entities (B2B). Being a partner to our customers, we look for solutions for our products/services and adapt to the way of conducting business within the scope of given possibilities.


We make business decisions which pose low risk to internal and external environment of the company and help us pursue stable, long-term business operations. We place the safety of our customers high on our priority list.