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Remote access to your heating system

Until recently, changes to heating settings or time programs could only be done on a room unit or controller. With SeltronHome platform, we have taken a step forward in the field of remote heating management. You can now use the app to control your heating system using your smartphone or tablet. This gives you new dimensions of freedom, comfort, savings and support. With the SeltronHome platform, your heating system is with you. From now on, all information about the heating system and the possibility to change the settings are always available.

What does the Clausius application bring to the user?

With the use of the CLAUSIUS application, you can easily control your space heating and domestic hot water, monitor the operation of the system and receive notifications about the status of your system on your smartphone, tablet or Internet browser, anywhere and anytime.

  • With the CLAUSIUS application, you can check the status of your heating system no matter where you are.

  • Application allows control and regulation of heating in several buildings.

  • You can change the existing time program or set a new one with a simple procedure.

  • It can be used by all family members.

  • It allows you to see data of the obtained thermal energy from the solar system.

  • You can use the app to select your service technician.

  • The application will keep you informed of any faults in the heating system.

Service support using the Kelvin app

New mobile technologies are changing the way installers and serviceman of heating systems work. Repeated visits to the facilities will soon be a thing of the past. They will be replaced by remote monitoring, diagnostics and quick repairs based on findings using smart devices.

A modern service technician will offer its customers quality control and immediate remote support in the event of faults in the heating system..

  • Remote overview of the operation of customers’ heating systems.

  • Review of data, measured and calculated temperatures and status of controller outputs.

  • Possibility of adjustment by changing the operating mode, time programs, temperatures and user functions Party, Eco and Holiday.

  • Notification by displaying active errors and notifications.

  • Faster diagnosis and location of deficiencies and errors in the system.

  • Correction of parameters, and configuration of controller operation.

  • Creating a customer list with information on the operation of their heating systems.

  • Simplified navigation for quick customer access.