Additional sensor Additional options

An additional sensor in room thermostats can be used for additional dislocated temperature measurement.
Dodatno temperaturno tipalo za talno ogrevanje

Dodatno tipalo pri sobnih termostatih lahko uporabimo za dodatno dislocirano merjenje temperature. Merimo lahko temperaturo v dodatnem prostoru, temperaturo tal ali zunanjo temperaturo, pri čemer termostat pri reguliranju upošteva srednjo vrednosti obeh ali samo eno izmed izmerjenih temperatur.

Reguliranje električnega talnega ogrevanja

Električno talno ogrevanje je zelo priljubljen način ogrevanja, primeren za različne prostore, vključno s kopalnicami, kuhinjami, predsobami. S Seltron sobnimi termostati RT in WT ter dodatnim tipalom lahko enostavno uravnavate temperaturo v prostoru, temperaturo tal pa pri tem omejujete na želeno vrednost.


Easy time programme management for seltron rt1b and wt1b room thermostats

Instructions for Seltron RT1B / WT1B room thermostat

Watch the Seltron RT1B/WT1B room thermostat instruction video which guides you in detail through the process of connecting your thermostat to your smartphone, upgrading the software, synchronising the time and date, as well as setting heating timer programmes.

Sobni termostat Seltron na steni

New RT and WT room thermostats

RT - We offer digital room thermostats that are mains or battery powered and can be wall-mounted or flush-mounted.
WT - We have mains-powered or battery-powered wireless digital room thermostats that can be easily mounted on the wall or in a flush-mounted dock.

Natančno merjenje sobne temperature s sobnim termostatom Seltron

Exceptional measurement accuracy

Seltron RT and WT room thermostats are the only ones on the market with a built-in algorithm to compensate for self-heating as a result of power and load connection.




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