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Smart operation of RT, WT thermostats when ventilating rooms

With the intelligent operation of the room thermostat, you get fresh air for healthy living and optimal well-being. At the same time, maintain room temperature without unnecessary heat loss.
Funkcija Prezračevanje prostorov

V primeru, da pametni sobni termostat RT ali WT zazna nenadni padec temperature, kot posledico zračenja prostorov, s pomočjo funkcije prezračevanje za določen čas onemogoči vpliv izmerjene sobne temperature, kar prepreči prekomerno segrevanje in s tem izgubo energije.


Sobni termostat Seltron na steni

New RT and WT room thermostats

RT - We offer digital room thermostats that are mains or battery powered and can be wall-mounted or flush-mounted.
WT - We have mains-powered or battery-powered wireless digital room thermostats that can be easily mounted on the wall or in a flush-mounted dock.

Natančno merjenje sobne temperature s sobnim termostatom Seltron

Exceptional measurement accuracy

Seltron RT and WT room thermostats are the only ones on the market with a built-in algorithm to compensate for self-heating as a result of power and load connection.

USB polnjenje baterije sobnega termostata Seltron

USB battery charging - RT, WT room thermostats

USB battery charging lets you say goodbye to changing batteries. No more wasting valuable time, money and energy looking for the right batteries. With our technology, you also get rid of the worry of a dead battery at the most important moments. Enjoy uninterrupted use of your room thermostat and contribute to reducing environmental impact.